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I was recently on the Motive For Life podcast with Robert Christiansen.

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Do You Wake Up Thinking You Deserve More Out Of Life?

If you said yes, now is your time to shine! Janice will help you discover your true potential and create a life you love!

She works with a proven success system that helps people both, become unstuck and achieve clarity on their vision, so that they can fulfill their dreams with ease.

Dive into your Soul’s calling and align with the abundance that is out there waiting for you.

You deserve to live a life you absolutely love

It’s time to create extraordinary results by sharing all your gifts and talents with the world because you were born to live a life of joy, abundance and success. This starts with discovering the grandest version of you, in all areas of your life. The fulfillment of your dreams is my purpose and passion, so that you step into your authenticity where your Soul is fully alive. The world is waiting for you.

It’s your time to step into your Divine abundance 100%

I help you uncover and discard the limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you stuck. With my guidance every step of the way, you will walk away from the settling mindset that does not serve you. You will start living from the point of Power that is breathing life into you right now. This will create a new foundation of confidence and clarity aligned with the Infinite Intelligence within you.

Taking this journey together you will become unstoppable

Get ready for your dreams to come true. When you have a partner in believing, it gives your unique, brilliant potential the boost it deserves. This is the secret sauce that will make you step into a life that is authentically and abundantly yours. My coaching allows us to work together one-on-one, or in a group that will support your massive change, giving you the most profound experience of your life.

Changing Lives

Working with Janice and her Program has been life altering for me. This program helped me to listen to my longings and discontents. I was conditioned over 55 years to push aside discontents. I've lived a blessed life; How can I possibly be discontent? With Janice's expert guidance I've learned dreams are buried in longings and discontents. Over the 12 week program, Janice helped me discover, develop, and achieve the dreams in my heart. I learned to review pivoting moments in my life, labels I put on myself, and limiting beliefs so that I can release anything that doesn't serve my dreams, The Life Mastery tools I learned have become a way-of-life for me. I use them everyday to turn an ordinary day into a day I created, into a day I love.

Maria ~ Monarch Beach, CA
Empty Nester/Accountant, Tax Preparer

If you are seeking to reenergize your evolution as a human being to envision a life you would love in all areas of your being, then Janice is the one you want to guide you through this extraordinary journey. Her genuine approach to your personal growth is well worth your investment as she too will invest in you as well. I can’t recommend enough hiring Janice Bussing as your life coach; and if so, you will experience, as she guides you through this amazing program, that it will be clear that you have made the best investment for yourself, in terms of time, energy and money. Before you know it, you will see how your dreams and visions begin to abundantly manifest right before your eyes. Trust me… it works!

Sandy Valencia ~ Los Angeles, CA
Regional VP Human Resources

The agenda of the soul is to recreate yourself anew in every moment, into the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about who you are.

- Neale Donald Walsch