Real Clients Speak

I cannot begin to describe the impact that Janice and the Dream Builder program has had on my life. I met Janice at a pivotal, transitionary time in my life, seeking spiritual structure and a deeper knowledge of my life purpose. I came in not aware of many of my limiting beliefs that were impacting the way I spoke about myself and what I thought was possible. Throughout the program, I witnessed very deep changes within me thanks to Janice’s guidance and the Dream Builder curriculum. I graduated from the program with a solid foundation plus many tools to continue forward. I have a deeper sense of awareness of my thoughts and how to work through any road blocks. The knowledge on how to find stillness and connect with my Highest Self is simply priceless. And perhaps the biggest takeaway is I now believe 100% that I am capable and worthy of achieving anything I desire! Janice brings wisdom, 100% presence, and a passion to her work that I have not found anywhere. I am beyond grateful to her and the Dream Builder program! thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stephanie Mcilroy ~ Venice, CA. Holistic Nutritionist

I cannot say enough about my experience of working with Janice. Some of her strongest strengths that I have benefited from first and foremost are her exceptional listening skills. She is highly gifted in being able to hear what I am saying and pick up on the key points that are the most helpful for my growth and evolution. She then is gifted at reflecting back to me and coaching me through it in a honest, direct and loving way. When I think about Janice and when we are in session I feel so loved, supported and held in the truth of who I am knowing she is never judging me. She feels like the supportive and loving mom I never had and could have only wished for. This creates a space of safety that is imperative for my growth and change. We move swiftly and effectively so I am releasing and having great shifts quickly. I feel truly blessed to have found Janice. I am investing in myself and she is in turn investing in me.

Ana Castronovo ~ Los Angeles, CA. Business Owner

Working with Janice and the Dream Builder program was truly a gift from God. Just a few weeks into “quarantine” I was out of work, feeling fear and pain, and I took a chance. A big leap. I did something for myself. For years I’d focused on being a mother of twins and building my career. Being faced with a pandemic and economic uncertainty I thought maybe this would be a great time to explore other career options. Perhaps change direction in my work. I thought the Dream Builder program would help me discern what exactly that could or would be but it ended up bringing up so much more. It was like “Therapy +”. I ended up healing wounds and childhood hurts I didn’t even realize I had and because of that, my relationships are deeper and more meaningful, my confidence is through the roof and I know that my God is with me and in me, and there is nothing I can’t dream or conquer. I can’t Thank Janice enough for helping draw my light out to shine brighter than I ever thought possible and now my Dream is to help others
say “Yes” and take the big leap themselves.

Tarah M. ~Huntington Beach, CA. Business Owner

After accepting an invitation to attend her workshop I knew right then I wanted Janice to help me layout a clear path and vision to my dream. I had spent years on achieving my goal of become a better person, but still felt stuck and unmotivated to pursue a dream that I had set for myself a long time ago. While this had been weighing heavily on me, I had no idea the unnecessary damage I was causing myself. I will admit that it took a couple of sessions with Janice before I was able to fully commit to doing the work. Thanks to her instinctive way of understanding my issues, and her ability to gently coach me though the process, I was able to envision my life more clearly, and to stay focused on attaining my goals and becoming my best self. Working with Janice became something I looked forward to each week. Each session always felt like she was making a personal investment in me. Her excitement and enthusiasm were matched with her passion and professionalism. Not only were our sessions fun and insightful, but Janice always had a way to make the content relevant to where I was in my journey. She has a gift for listening, and the wisdom for teaching. The tools she provided me with have helped me to push myself and achieve my goals that I have set. I often catch myself returning to the notes and journal I kept during our time together. They have proven to be invaluable resources. If you have hit a wall, or find yourself stuck in the same rut of life not reaching your full potential or living up to your vision of yourself, I highly recommend investing your time and energy with Janice. She will give you the tools you need to unlock your greatest self.

Ian Macdonald ~ Sherman Oaks, CA. Sr. Minister of New Church Sherman Oaks

What I Received while working with Janice...

Janice is such an amazing, loving, caring, down-to-earth, effective professional; and who with her unique talents and infectious energy, has truly brought about amazing and positive changes in my life. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have received from her since starting the Dream Builder program. This program has truly been a gift and I firmly believe it is because of how Janice handles our sessions and offers me meticulous intensive support. She is the perfect motivator who inspires and encourages me to courageously explore and consciously embrace my extraordinary abilities to evolve and embrace an abundant life that I would love and deserve to live. Having said this, this program requires you to do the work and at times can be uncomfortable. This is where Janice’s spiritual approach and guidance makes the journey all that worth it. Her genuine love for people and her shining Spirit comes through in her words; and her actions always come from a spiritual place of love. She offers a genuine loving trust that allowed me to be open and honest about examining uncomfortable paradigms that had been subconsciously holding me back from living an authentic loving life. She has been vital in helping me identify how and when to apply the tools to build my muscles to allow the changes to evolve; believe me when I say the shift has happened. This process is on-going and will always be a focus in my daily life. If you are seeking to re-energize your evolution as a human being to envision a life you would love in all areas of your being, then Janice is the one you want to guide you through this extraordinary journey. Her genuine approach to your personal growth is well worth your investment as she too will invest in you as well. I can’t recommend enough hiring Janice Bussing as your DB life coach; and if so, you will experience, as she guides you through this amazing program, that it will be clear that you have made the best investment for yourself, in terms of time, energy and money. Before you know it, you will see how your dreams and visions begin to abundantly manifest right before your eyes. Trust me… it works!

Sandy Valencia ~ Los Angeles, CA.
Regional VP Human Resources

I’m so happy I chose to invest in myself and go through the Dream Builders course with Janice! Before I started I felt so much discontent with my life and knew I wanted more out of it, I just had no clue how to get it (and I pretty much had tried everything)! I didn’t realize how hard I was being on myself everyday trying to make any progress. Now I truly feel I have the skills to reframe my negative thoughts and move past my obstacles quicker and easier to get back to doing what I Love! I’m also much nicer to myself and more understanding of others and how I hold them accountable. To be on this journey with Janice was such a blessing! She’s so patient, understanding and uplifting! I always left our conversations feeling so inspired and energized! She’s definitely the secret ingredient!

Sierra Buhler ~ Sarasota, Florida Artist

Janice Bussing and the Dream Builder program has been a powerful tool for my business building. The program provides a unique framework upon which Janice so skillfully provides the highest level coaching. The experience has specifically helped me build upon my strengths and provided a way to speak and think every day that supports my success on the highest level. This is the best organized and presented program I have seen, powered by a passionate and fearless advocate for each person’s unique strength and power.

Ian Mitchell ~ Los Angeles CA. Director of Residential Financing, Rodeo Lending

I hired Janice at a time in my life when the world was experiencing a global pandemic and I was experiencing corporate burnout. I knew that I wanted to make pivotal changes in my lifestyle and career, but I did not know where to start. When we started working together, I was feeling lost and uncertain about my future. Within a few weeks I began to gain clarity and confidence while moving in the direction of my dreams. Janice always showed up to our sessions with an incredible enthusiasm and belief in me and my success. Her motivating support ignited my desire to step through the fear of uncertainty and into the life I would love to live. With her guidance, working through blocks in perception and limiting beliefs, I've learned to take inspired action, to be accountable, and to strengthen my belief in living a life I would love. Working with Janice has been life changing! If you're not loving the life you're living. If you're not loving your work, business, or career. If you feel like you don't have the time, money, or freedom to live your greatest life, I highly recommend working with Janice. She will help you uncover, discover, and endeavor the life of your dreams.

Beth ~Los Angeles, CA.Designer & Entrepreneur

Janice is a fantastic Life Mastery Consultant with a very unique and powerful style who gets to the core of the issues excellently.

Her coaching helped me to change how I see the world and working with Janice has helped me to concentrate on my vision, aspirations and the essential ACTIONS! Without a doubt, she has helped me achieve so much in the last few months. I am a different person now compared to when I initially started my coaching sessions with Janice and cannot thank her enough. I can highly recommend Janice and the Dream Builder programme to you without any hesitation. Call her!

Rachel ~ United Kingdom, Business Owner

The Dream Builder Program has been life altering for me. This program helped me to listen to my longings and discontents. I was conditioned over 55 years to push aside discontents. I've lived a blessed life; How can I possibly be discontent? With the Dream Builder Program and Janice's guidance I've learned dreams are buried in longings and discontents. Over the 12 week program, Janice helped me discover, develop, and achieve the dreams in my heart. I learned to review pivoting moments in my life, labels I put on myself, and limiting beliefs so that I can release anything that doesn't serve my dreams, This programs has become a way-of-life for me. The tools I learned I use everyday to turn an ordinary day into a day I created, into a day I love.

Maria ~ Monarch Beach, CA
Empty Nester/Seasonal Tax Preparer

When I first signed up, I was eager to get on a path that will make me lots of money and live my dreams with lots of beautiful things around me and purchase all the things that I wanted... Then in the middle of the journey I had to really look inside of myself and truly find what it was that would define me and make me truly happy and it all changed.... I found that I can be forgiving and charitable.... that I can love the person I hated..... that I can be free of fear.... I can always push the reset button.... I can be powerful.... I can be strong and I can persevere ..... even better, I can realize my dreams to their fullest. That is the meaning of me..... thank you for a journey that I am bringing with me everyday of my life, for the rest of my life. It doesn't end here.... it starts here.

I love you and what you are doing is so amazing, inspiring and God's gift.

Grace ~ Los Angeles CA Real Estate Investor

Janice has showed me the way to create an “even better” life for myself with the DreamBuilder Program. I never thought I needed more in my ‘already great’ life until Janice led me through a discovery process of learning how infinitely more there is in my life – the icing on the cake with this Program is that I am able to experience the connection of my dreams to the Infinite Power that resides within. You can’t imagine what this truly feels like until you go through this program. Janice is so deeply passionate about this Program and these tools she shares – I am truly grateful that she is the one to guide me in honing these skills and tools that I will be using for life.

Lauren H. Los Angeles CA. VP HR Investment

Janice has helped me tap back into the real me with a new level of awareness. After 20 years of raising kids and feeling completely lost as an empty-nester, I was invited to the Vision workshop I experienced all the possibilities of what is ahead through her dream sequence. Her Dream Builder Life Tools gave me a new confidence to step into this new season of life! Powerful, Insightful and truly Life Changing!!!

Mary Logan ~ Los Angeles CA.

Our ministry hired Janice to lead a 600 volunteer event, its purpose to 'give back' to our volunteers by focusing on their individual potential. In the planning phase, Janice looks at the big picture, listens to understand the audience and weaves it into her program. Her message is powerful; we're confident it will inspire our volunteers as a whole and on a profound individual basis too. Janice is a pleasure to work with; her upbeat energy, motivation and passion for what she does is inspirational. Her consistent ability to deliver results for groups is unparalleled. I cannot recommend Janice enough to organizations serious about unlocking their team’s potential.

Rose Ryder ~ Chair, Ministry of Worship & Leadership Council St. Monica's Catholic Community

Janice is always looking for new ways to help people see new options, new ways of vision, better horizons to choose from. I appreciate the care and detailed listening she gives to all around her. Janice's Christ-centered orientation will always help people who are open to finding the truest light in God.

Fr. Mark Martinez ~ Santa Monica CA. St Monica Catholic Church

Thank you Janice for coming to give a workshop for my Women’s group. My non-profit's, Connecting a Caring Community, mission is to inspire women to live a life full of purpose and meaning. She knocked it out of the park empowering the women to dream and live to their potential. Janice is graceful and kind and makes everyone feel special. Her personality is dynamic and contagious. She left the room and everyone wanted more. We can’t wait to host another event in the near future.

Lisa Kodimer ~ Calabasas CA. Founder, Connecting a Caring Community

We were blessed to be gifted this experience with Janice, anywhere else this presentation would have cost a fortune to attend. She is powerfully inspiring and will change your company culture before your eyes.

Laura Daniels ~ Los Angeles CA. Attorney

I became acquainted with Janice through a spiritual community I am involved with and was instantly drawn to her. A few years later I found myself in a crossroads in life and I decided to sign up for the Dreambuilder course with Janice. I had heard about her workshop and thought it might help. The Dreambuilder course has been the most profound experience like nothing I have ever been through. My journey over the 90 days revealed to me that Janice has wisdom born from her own journey, strength earned from her own struggles and support based in love which has generated her own personal power.

This coupled with a sincere desire to help others and a daily commitment to what she believes and offers in her course, is the gift that I will be forever grateful for. Her knowledge of spiritual principles and coaching abilities are so powerful, comprehensive and dynamic that all one has to bring is willingness to be completely transformed. She is generous of spirit, compassionate and understanding, making the whole experience one of intimate attention and understanding. What I have gained is an undeniably daily unfolding of expansion in my thinking and I am now on the path of the life I have always dreamed of living.

Victoria ~ Los Angeles CA.

"Super-FAN-tabulous – that's Janice indeed! If you want to level up your dreams, then work with Janice to go to the next and highest levels. If you are unsure and don't have a clue as to your dreams, work with Janice to excavate what brings you happiness. I was the latter and so grateful I let go of my self doubt and allowed Janice to work her magic. She shares tried and true Dreambuilding methods along with her innate coaching expertise to help you push through your vulnerabilities and convert them to strengths. She helps you chart your course to your dreams in a methodical way that you can always refer back to. I accomplished a 10 year goal/dream (that basically I had given up on) right after my time working with Janice. Forever grateful for Janice and her infectious positivity. What would you LOVE? Ask Janice to help you find it and also achieve it."

Missy Woodward ~ Los Angeles CA.